Our Treatments

Tax Relief
Physiotherapy charges qualify for tax relief so by following the advice on our fees page you can get the most from your money.


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Health Insurance?
The cost of your treatment can be greatly reduced if you have your own health insurance. We are recognised and registered with all the Health Insurance providers in Ireland.


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Multiple Locations
The Dynamic Physiotherapy clinics are are conveniently located in the Docklands, Dublin 2 and on Castle Avenue in Clontarf, Dublin 3.


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Professional Care
Here at Dynamic Physiotherapy our very experienced chartered physiotherapists offer you the excellence in professional and individual care that they have worked very hard to perfect .


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Sports Specialists
At Dynamic Physiotherapy we work within a number of different sports with athletes at junior, amateur and professional levels including Dublin Senior Football, Leinster Rugby & Clontarf Rugby Club.


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Our Highly qualified specialists will design an exercise program tailored specifically for each individual. Taking into account the patient’s injury history and all injuries are rehabilitated from beginner to advanced levels of activity and function. 


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Work Place Injury
Specialists in work place injuries, including injuries precipitated by the demands of prolonged sitting in a poor ergonomic position or posture. We work with many corporate clients to develop strategies to reduce this load and therefore strive to achieve improved quality of life.


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Our Clients

Clontarf Rugby - Dynamic PhysiotherapyIRFU - Dynamic PhysiotherapyLeinster Rugby - Dynamic PhysiotherapyCricket Ireland - Dynamic PhysiotherapyDublin GAA - Dynamic Physiotherapy

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About Us


Dynamic Physiotherapy is a Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic located in two central locations in Dublin city.

We provide specialist treatments for common injuries such as spinal problems, back pain, neck pain, knee pain and shoulder pain.



Phone:    01 5547237
Address: Clontarf Rugby Club, Castle Ave. Dublin 3



Phone:    01 675 0041
Address: 5 Lazer Lane, Dublin 2